Message from  the Bali Ocean Days: Let’s fight together and create a powerful community

Speech by Yoke Darmawan at The Opening of Bali Ocean Day

Awarding to GM Bali Intercontinental Jimbaran Bali by Committee Chair Yoke Darmawan and Chair of the Sky Blue Sea Foundation Pauilne Tandjung - IST

Today, the Bali Ocean Days community is born !. Tomorrow, we want to protect it and make it grow all together with you, for the cause of marine conservation in its most critical issues, problems to solve and solutions to…

I hope our different backgrounds and disciplines, can give us reasons to work together, develop cross collaboration and create synergies between communities, academics, and institutions.

Your overall response to this inaugural edition has been amazing, so in collaboration with our main institutional partner, the coordinating Ministry for Maritime and Investment Affairs, we have decided to prepare a second edition next year on January, here in this magnificent Jimbaran Convention Center at InterContinental Bali Resort.

However, we don’t want to separate with you that long 🙂 Reason why we are going to create many other opportunities to collaborate again.

In partnership with the Coral Triangle Center of Ibu Rili Djohani, present today with us, Bali Ocean Days will create a series of podcasts and workshops on marine conservation issues.

The United Nations World Oceans Day will also give us an opportunity to create another great event, here. Bali Ocean Days Artworks and Shows.

Awarding Sky Blue Sea certificates to two institutions – IST

It is about inviting impact artists and performers who care, to remind us about the importance of saving our oceans, in a way that connects all communities from the heart, in a way that engages emotions and feelings.

Bali Ocean Days means many more events in the pipeline, so let’s keep it united in diversity.

Suggest action plans and programs, share competencies with us, propose podcasts and workshop concepts, so we can collaborate in many ways and grow the Bali Ocean Days Community together !!

Upon these two days of conference, it’s now time to walk the talk for our Blue Planet.

Day after day, let’s fight together and create a powerful community that can become a force for action, a force to influence major political and economical stakeholders to convert pledges and commitments into concrete actions.

Bali Ocean days develop by Sky Blue Sky Foundation and D&A Consultancy.

Discussion atmosphere on the second day of Bali Ocean Days _ IST

Sky Blue sea foundation was initiated by divers that noticed how our oceans were undergoing rapid degradation. Having been diving since the early 1990 they have witnessed the disappearance of many marine species n see the appearance of new species, plastic.

So since 2018 SBS promoted the small but basic idea to stop plastic waste from getting into the water.

Overwhelmed on how large the problem was, we call of individuals group organizational and institutions that has done research& development, innovation & technology to mitigate this problem. Only by togetherness, fostering interaction, knowledge exchange and collaboration among all stakeholders of sustainability and regenerative systems.

Our role in connecting all the blue dots in the world as our oceans know no boundaries.  be connected by the seas and citizens of the world.

To celebrate the concrete actions and the core values of sustainability-

please join us to invite the 2 institutions that contribute to social impact in a circular economy to achieve sustainability goals.

Skybluesea certificate – the recognition from SKY BLUE SEA Foundation under the auspices of the Coordinating Ministry for Maritime and Investment Affairs Republic of Indonesia

GreenHope and Plastic Bank Indonesia is certified as a sustainable product according to the criteria established by SKY BLUE SEA Foundation, and therefore entitled to use the Blue Dot logo for a period of 2 years

GreenHope – a green technology company with three leading brands: Oxium (Biodegradable additive), Ecoplas (cassava-based biodegradable bioplastic), and Naturloop (cassava-based compostable bioplastic). We actively collaborate with manufacturers, brand owners, non-governmental organizations, local & national governments to create sustainable consumption & production towards a better, greener earth.

Plastic Bank Indonesia – Plastic Bank is turning the plastic waste into a currency that can be exchanged to help lift someone out of poverty and transition into a self-sustaining life of entrepreneurship while removing plastic waste from our planet.

About Sky Blue Sea award “Complexity in Sustainability”

The Sky Blue Sea Award trophy was created to reflect the value of main concept, Complexity in Sustainability. Made out of 2 main materials, which is stainless steel and a high-grade crystal glass, by utilizing the ancient technique of glassblowing and modern fabrication technology of metalworking.

All parts of the trophy represent the core values of sustainability of Sky-Blue Sea itself. The marine grade stainless steel was processed using lathe technique to create water drop effect, which is a representation of ocean, the region where we are truly concerned. Then, etched (both manual and machine aided) to form solid foundation, in this story the base component reflects as a sanctuary of our daily issues, the ocean.

The glass component represents the complexity of the issue. It is heated to 1200°C and combined with upcycled glass shards taken from glass bottle waste, to create a blue hue to the surface. It is blown, heated, formed, and sculpted using utmost patience and precision, maximizing the materiality of glass, shaping the infinity symbol. The glass component reflects the never-ending difficulty that needs our involvement by implementing a non-linear shape that represents complexity using creative and unconventional methods to arrive at a solution; transparency implies openness, communication, and accountability in order to achieve the true blue of our ocean and sky. (Kanalbali/IST)

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