Many foreigners violate Bali compulsory face mask rule

KUTA – Bali  A number of foreigners are still living in Bali because they cannot return to their country. Most of them, unfortunately, are stubborn and reluctant to wear masks according to health protocols in this COVID-19 Pandemic.

“Of the 150 offenders caught since September 2020, 80 percent of the culprits were foreigners. To be honest,  looks like the fine can’t give deterrent effect for foreigners,” said Head of the Badung PP Police, I Gusti Agung Ketut on Wednesday (6/12).

He said that most foreigners who didn’t wear masks was found in the North Kuta area, such as Canggu, Tibubeneng and Pererenan. Most of foreigners who do not wear masks are dominated by Russian and European citizens. They were found not wearing masks when the officers carried out the inspection and were fined Rp. 100,000.

“If they bring mask but they don’t use it, we will punish them with push-ups or sweeping the street. Some of they even not bringing mask at all. They already know and understand about the regulation, but they ignore it,” he added.

More ironically, they also didn’t wear helmets and riding motorcycle up to three people. “This type of violation is common, some even only use their underwear when driving,” he stated.

For him, foreigners seem to underestimate health protocols because they are able to pay fines and don’t want to comply with health protocols. “Sometimes we feel that our dignity as officers is humiliated,”he said.

Besides, sometimes they annoy the officers by pretending not to understand the officers’s english when they were told to implement health protocols and wear masks. “When I show the culprit my mask, they only nodding,” he said. (Kanalbali / KAD)


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