Mosque in Denpasar prepare congregational prayers

Some mosques in Denpasar began to prepare the arrangement of prayer in congregation. As done in the Sudirman Mosque, Denpasar where the mosque installation of signs of the distance setting.

“For the meantime, we only put the distance guard for the execution of congregation prayers, but for the implementation is still awaiting the government’s decision,” said the chairman of Takmir Masjid Sudirman, Nur Hidayat.

“So later if there is a decision of the government of Bali province that allows performing prayers in congregation in the, we have ready equipment and preparations,” he explained. ” For today prayers Friday we have not performed, “he asserted.

Meanwhile, the Indonesian Ulama Council (MUI) of the province of Bali has not planned to change the new encouragement about Friday prayers. It is in line with the absence of the latest policy issued by the provincial government, the development of the COVID-19 case.

“So the exhortations while the worship remained in their respective homes, including Friday prayers. The development of the case in Bali is also still there, “said The chairman of the Indonesian Ulama Council (MUI) Bali Taufik As’adi, when confirmed Friday (5/6).

“The most understanding of the situation and condition of Bali and the whole community in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic is Pemprov,” he said. “But for the technical implementation of Friday prayers in Bali after applied the new normal already we prepare,” he said.

The technical implementation of Friday prayers in Bali will be the same as other areas that will be held Friday prayers only with adjustments. (Kanalbali/ACH)