Trapped in marine trashs in Kuta, fishermen rescued a turtle


DENPASAR – Two fishermen seem to save a turtle trapped in a net among rubbish in Kuta. The incident was recorded in a 2.44-minutes video which went viral in Bali.

This video itself was uploaded for the first time on Dwi Payana’s Facebook account. “That happened on January 6 (2021), when I took guests to fishing,” said Dwi Payana when contacted on Thursday (14/01/2021).

At that time, he was taking guests to fishing off the coast of Kuta. When the boat was 5 km from shore, they found trash floating in the sea. At first, they tried to escape from the trash. But seeing something moving among the garbage pile, they decided to get closer. “At first, I thought it was a fish. As soon as we got closer, it turned out to be a turtle, its legs were moving,” said Dwi Payana.

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It turned out that the turtle was trapped in a net. Seeing this condition, Dwi Payana was moved to release the turtle. Using a knife, the nets are cut from the turtle’s body and finally free.

“We are very happy to be able to free the turtles, hopefully there will be no more people littering into the sea,” said Dwi Payana. (kanalbali/KR11)

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